Welcome to glen+craft & thanks for dropping in. We are a portrait photography company serving Central Virginia.

My name is Ashlee Glen, the photographer for glen+craft. I’m a native Texan with Filipino and Virginian roots with a love for exploring cultures, ethnic foods, animals, gardening, people, and spending time with family outside.  I'm also a wife to Jason and mother to 4 sweet daughters and two boxers. 

I've never met a stranger, and genuinely enjoy exploring new places and making new friends wherever I can find them. This is one of the reasons I enjoy photographing people....I like them! I began attempting portraiture when I was in my early 20's, but didn't really learn how to use a camera until about 8 years ago, when a talented photographer named Vincent Rizzo grounded me in the basics. Vinny helped me cultivate an ability to pair my love for people with the gift of capturing their beauty.

So, who’s Craft? Craft is the process of the collaborative work we create, you and me. My vision is to work with you to create; to be designers together fashioning an image that captures your memories professionally and creatively.

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ph: 423.521.5189